Turn on the TV, and chances are you'll see Steve Harvey at some point. The in-demand comedian and talk show host has shown he's not afraid to take on new career projects, no matter how challenging.

It seems the same can be said for his attitude when it comes to his health and fitness. Now 60, Harvey is in better shape than he was 15 years ago, when poor eating habits combined with a lack of exercise left him overweight and lethargic. It's no laughing matter: The comedian tried a variety of fad diets to shed the weight that were taking a toll on his overall health and well-being, none of which had a lasting positive effect.

It wasn't until he turned 50 that the gregarious big man dedicated himself to a complete lifestyle overhaul, teaming up with former eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney to lose weight and gain muscle. While the journey hasn't been easy, it's one that has completely changed Harvey's attidudes toward eating, fitness, and healthy living.

Today, one of the hardest-working men in showbusiness continues to put in the effort needed for greater health and a slimmed-down physique. As you'll see in these images, the extra work is paying off.