Want the arms of a bouncer? You can’t train them the same way you do chest and legs. Because the triceps and biceps are smaller muscles acting on smaller, more delicate joints, they respond better to isolated movements and different mechanical angles than to heavy weights. This workout is designed to deliver the kind of full, thick biceps that made Vin Diesel a movie star and fitness icon. With the right kind of clean eating to bulk up, you could see up to a half inch of growth in your arms in one month.

How it works

The workout begins with two cable exercises designed to pump up your arms as quickly as possible. This isn’t to soothe your ego but to protect your elbows: Driving blood into your muscles and heat into your joints helps prevent strain.

You’ll continue supersetting biceps and triceps moves to work the arms from different angles, encouraging as much muscle recruitment as possible. Alternating biceps and triceps exercises also saves time—you should be out of the gym in 40 minutes or less—making this routine fast and undeniably furious. (Yes, we went there.)


Perform the workout once a week. The exercise pairs (marked “A” and “B”) are performed as a superset—so you’ll do one set of A, then B, then rest, and repeat until all sets for the pair are complete.