We know, we know: What good is a beach workout without some old-fashioned biceps and triceps training?

With this workout, the ninth in the first phase of our Eternal Beach-Body Workout Plan, consider your wish granted. In addition to the usual suspects—planks, rollouts, and a healthy shoulder warmup—this workout incorporates plenty of biceps and triceps exercises. Make sure to choose relatively light weights and to do high-quality reps.

As a bonus, you'll get two exercises to bulk up your legs: goblet squats (which also force your arms to carry some of the load) and dumbbell split squats (ditto). Your biceps will be smoked by the end of this workout.


Do each exercise as straight sets; complete all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

Pay attention to the designated rest—30-45 seconds isn't a lot of time, and you'll be well served by tracking your rest periods on your watch or your phone.