Joe Holder—a wellness consultant, performance specialist, and Nike master trainer—has built a fitness empire on a no-nonsense approach to training with an eye toward overall health. Sure he's ripped, and that certainly hasn't hurt his Instagram following. But Holder is also the kind of guy who takes the broad-scope view of health and fitness. He's a vegetarian, for one thing. (And again: He's ripped.)

But thanks to his overarching view of what it means to be fit, Holder has become the superlative trainer to models (e.g. Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid, Romee Strijd), influencers (Derek Blasberg), and flocks of New Yorkers looking to find a more fine-tuned training program that goes beyond cutting body-fat percentages and getting jacked—even though he can help you do that, too.

Here, Holder offers his top five training philosophies for making any workout regimen more well-rounded and holistic for success, and go here for videos on his emergence as an influencer, as well as his top tips for using social media to meet your fitness goals.