On the last day of our three-day Trophy Muscle Workout Program, it's time to go to work on pretty much every major muscle group in your body.

You want chest and triceps? You'll do medicine-ball pushups. Back and biceps? Try neutral-grip chinups. Maybe you've been feeling self-conscious about your legs? Get ready to smoke your quads, hamstrings, and glutes with hip extensions, leg curls, and front squats.

And with a kickass barbell complex to finish off your sweat session, this sweat session is virtually guaranteed to burn a ton of calories and stimulate muscle growth across your entire physique.


Choose a light load—the point here is conditioning, not strength building, so maintain tight form and don't overload yourself. If you find that you're struggling to complete the sets with the weights you've chosen, then go with lighter weights. You'll be completing plenty of reps in this workout, so don't worry if you're not lifting a ton of weight—the work volume be enough to stimulate plenty of gains.

Note: Sets labeled with a letter (2A., 2B., etc.) are supersets. Do all reps of the first exercise, then go directly to the next exercise without stopping. Rest only when indicated.

The last three exercises (5A., 5B., and 5C.) are a barbell complex: Do each exercise back-to-back-to-back, without setting down the barbell until you're done with the third exercise (front squat-to-press). Rest 90 sec. after you've done each move. Do 5 complexes in total.