This workout is designed to train your entire body in one session with a focus on strength and endurance. And that's not just physical endurance. This routine takes a ton of mental fortitude to push through fatigue, which will develop the mental toughness you need to get through a brutal MMA fight.

How to do it

The workout consists of a warmup, a circuit workout, and an additional set of grip-strength moves. The circuit workout comprises five stations, each with its own set of exercises designed to be done back-to-back. Do as many reps as possible at each station in five minutes, rest 60 seconds, then move on to the next station. You'll do that station workout three times, for a total of 15 stations.

The station workout is designed to prep you for a 5-minute, 5-round fight.


Starts with a dynamic warmup. 

After, complete 25-meter sprints, walking back to start to recover. Repeat for 5 minutes. These will raise your heart rate and wake up the muscle fibers responsible for powerful, explosive movements.

Circuit Workout

Repeat each station for 5 minutes with minmal rest. Take a 60-second break between each station.

Station 2: Exercise 1 is a heavy-bag burpee (assault the bag with varying punch and kick combos when you jump up). Exercise 2 is a burpee clean and press with 25lb dumbbells.  

Station 3: Exercise 5 is plank Jacks (keep your butt down as you jump your feet in and out of the plank position).

Grip Work

Grip strength increases a fighter's abilities during submissions and grappling, and adds impressive strength to punching power.

Exercise 2 is fat-bar pullups. Hold tennis balls in your palms against the bar. They'll force you to tighten your grip and build the muscles in your hand as you perform pullups.

Exercise 3 is plate pinch. Hold two plates (25lb or 35lb) together for as long as you can, standing still or walking back and forth.