Flowers and chocolate aside, Valentine’s Day is about making your significant other feel loved and desired.

But guess what? The fastest way to show someone you care is by caring about yourself first—through fashion. Yes, gentlemen: When a man gets dressed up, even a little bit, it shows his sweetheart that he cares about looking good for her. Empathy, it turns out, is a major turn-on.

Trust me, I get it: Getting dressed for a date can be stressful, which is why so many men go for one of two divergent strategies: Either they overdo it (pungent cologne, too many trends, and overly matchy fits), or they do nothing at all (whatever’s on top of the laundry pile). Both coping mechanisms end up missing the mark.

Because when you’re getting dressed for any special occasion, Valentine’s Day included, you should set your sights on a personal-style sweet spot. You want to put in enough effort to make your date feel special, but not so much that you look and smell like someone else. If you’re currently shaking your head in confusion, or not sure you have a personal style to begin with, we can help.

We asked 20-plus women of varying backgrounds and tastes to vote on their idea of best men's outfits for Valentine’s Day. But because not every guy owns a suit—and because there are tons of ways to look hot as hell in menswear—we broke things into four categories. Feel free to mix and match as you create your best-ever V-Day outfit.