Even when he’s off the clock, Adam Schefter’s always working.

The ESPN reporter seems to perpetually have his finger on the pulse of the National Football League, reporting breaking news and tweeting out key pieces of intel at all hours of the day.

At this point, Schefter's colleagues are simply accustomed to seeing Schefter on the set of NFL Live, on SportsCenter, or at the NFL Draft typing furiously on his phone. But even though Schefter is working what seems like 24/7 during football season, he’s like everyone else in one major way: He a fantasy football fanatic.

“I love fantasy football and playing it out each week,” Schefter tells Men’s Fitness. “My job dictates it, too, with all the reporting. Guys figuring out who to play each week and the matchups for each game. I’m trying to educate the viewers, listeners, and readers I reach to help make the best decisions they can.

For the 2017 season, Schefter has teamed up with Marriott for a special bidding experience, giving one fan the ultimate go-to for fantasy football: A “master class” weekly call with Schefter to discuss strategy, advice, players to target, and behind-the-scenes tips to help you win your league.

“This is a personalized item, something that I think becomes really cool and fun for the season,” Schefter said. “Last year I had this weekly call, it was supposed to be a 10-minute call, and every week we always went over, talking for at least 20 minutes. I thought it went great last year and really loved it. So I'm very happy that the Marriott Rewards Program is doing it again this year.

Fans will have the chance to bid on the experience on the Marriott Rewards Moments platform starting August 8th through August 24 to bid on the opportunity to win.

Of course, we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't wring a few key tips out of the expert himself. Here are Schefter's top tips to help you dominate your league.