Plenty of things can go wrong in the quest for love. We've all been there: the clumsy first kiss, the awkward dinner conversation (cue the uncomfortably long silence), and, unfortunately, common sex mistakes. And despite your obvious charm, you Casanova, one blunder could put you on her "do not text back" list for life.

So how's a guy supposed to let his personality shine through on a date, without sharing too much? Let your bottle of wine do the talking.

And while you probably know your Cabernets from your Syrahs, finding the perfect wine—for you, for your date—is another step up. That's why we turned to vino virtuoso Eddy Le Garrec, owner of the expansive Empire State of Wine in New York City, to narrow down specific bottles and the personalities they best embody.

So whether you fancy yourself a seasoned world traveler or the brooding, mysterious type, these 10 bottles will help keep the conversation between you and your date flowing effortlessly. Just make sure you write down the name—by the time you two end up back at your place, you'll be focusing on other things.