Growing up, you probably took your Flintstones vitamins dutifully. You didn't question if vitamins were good for you.

Well, how about now?

Odds are you've stopped taking a multi-vitamin, fish oil, or some combination to promote better mental clarity or stronger bones, because you really don't know if they're doing anything. Some experts allege vitamins are a waste of money—that you pretty much obtain all the vitamins you need through food, and any surplus is just flushed down the toilet.

That mindset is what sparked ORB, a line of time-release vitamin capsules targeted to a slew of benefits, from energy to sleep. We sat down with Matt Hesse, founder of ORB and CEO of Corr-Jensen, to get the low-down on the revolutionary line of supplements.

See how you can boost your health with the game-changing vitamins.