For the last 13 years, Dan Curtis has made a career out of facing down Colorado wildfires.

The Telluride-based firefighter has served as fire captain and EMT with the Telluride Fire Protection District. He’s also a member of the Telluride Wildland Team, a certified crew boss, and a “faller”—the technical term for a wilderness firefighter who takes down trees to manage wildfires before they get any worse. 

“Our wildland fire team responds to local and national fires. We’ve traveled to Texas, Utah, Montana, and California,” he says. With all firefighting duties—treading through dense forest, hauling lumber, and responding to some of the 1,000 calls the departments receives per year—Curtis has to stay fit, but flexible

Here are some of his workout tips that he uses stay sharp in the face of extreme heat, bitter cold, and everything in between.