Chris Pratt may play the insanely ripped, intergalactic superhero Peter Quill (aka "Star-Lord") in the upcoming action-packed flick Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but he's also one of Hollywood's most popular actors. And being a celebrity means looking good, especially on the red carpet.

Fortunately, Pratt's hilarious wife (and actress), Anna Faris, live-tweeted photos of all the prep that went into getting Pratt red carpet-ready for the Guardians premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The results? When it comes to Pratt's grooming regimen, he goes all-in:

(Let this be a lesson for you dudes who insist you don't need to clean up nice every once in a while.)

If you happen to notice Pratt wearing a set of eye treatment masks, you'll realize that even Star-Lord—whose out-of-this-world abs get full focus in Faris' Twitter pic—gets worried about dark under-eye circles. Also on the pre-premiere agenda? A quick yoga session, which Pratt uses to balance out his Tabata-style workout regimen.


Of course, no red carpet look would be complete without a great head of hair. In one of the photos taken just before Pratt and Faris headed out to the Dolby Theatre, Pratt gets his hair blow-dried and styled, proving that even the most naturally good-looking dudes can sometimes use a hand from a professional.

If you want to get jacked like Pratt, check out his Guardians 2 supergalactic workout here. And if you want to update your medicine cabinet, or need to look great for a red carpet or a date you snagged with your dream girl, stock up on these 13 essential grooming products for spring 2017.